azalea exbury planting now?

curios(z5/6 NJ)May 20, 2009

have 2 azalea exburys that didn't get planted last year.

they overwintered outside in their pots and seem to be

very healthy. would it be okay to get them in ground now?

we're having 80 degree weather for next few days, and then

70 degree weather over weekend. i generally plant in late

afternoon shade hoping to prevent shock.


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

You can plant them now, just be aware planting in mid spring will require more attention to watering than planting in fall. Do NOT keep the soil saturated, but do not allow it to become bone dry either. Moist but not soggy is your goal, and mulching the root zones will help to conserve moisture, cool the roots.

Look for dense or matted roots on your container held plants and be sure to loosen those - don't be timid, cut if necessary. And safest would be to wait until your warmer stretch of weather is over.

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curios(z5/6 NJ)

thanks for your advice morz8. will wait for 70 degree weather and mulch heavily after planting.

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