EGO45(6bCT)May 12, 2006

I just bought an azalea that was marked as "Macrantha pink'.

What I've read says it's from a late blooming Satsuki family and has a low growing almost prostrate habit.

However, it doesn't look like it will be a low growing plant. It's in a 7G pot and about 2' tall and 3' wide already. Mislabeled?

What is your experience with it?

Could you refer me to any site where I could see a whole plant, not a flower picture?

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One more question.
Would it bloom in a considerable shade?
By that I mean no direct sun whatsoever, but bright dappled sun from noon till 4pm. Fairly dense shade all other times in a summer. In a winter sun/shade situation will be quite different, sun till noon (eastern exposure) and part-shade thereafter. It will have a very good protection from the all winds, though.
It ment to be a replacement for Poukhanense 'Compacta' which in reality not a 'Compacta', but rather a straight species. Nevertheless, poukhanense blooming perfectly there, but it's an early bloomer and that might make a big difference.

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not low-growing at my house, george.
it it has been planted since the early 80's and is slightly larger than a 4'x4' rounded shape. it has not grown to the size of some of my other azaleas such as the southern indicas, which get huge here. the site is on the north side of my house which gets no winter sun but summer direct sun for about 2-3 hours at mid-day.
i am going out of town tomorrow for a few days but will try to get you a photo of it soon. it has just begun to flower and should be more colorful by then. i think it needs a good bit of shade here because of the temperatures when it blooms. can't see the flowers on this one lasting long if in much sun during mid to late may. for a lower growing, late-bloomer, maybe 'wakaebisu'? they are ahead of 'macrantha' here by about 10 days.

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some photos here of the shrubs. appears they are planted in a natural setting under trees in dappled shade.
they are calling it 'macranthum' rather than 'macrantha'. wonder which is correct? you would think the azalea society would be an accurate source.
also, they list a dwarf variety of this one. maybe that is what you have?

Here is a link that might be useful: pics of 'macrantha'

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Jeff, big thanks.
If you say 4'x4' in 20 something years, that is a low growing azalea in my books. :-))
Would be a perfect replacement for poukhanense which is already in 4' range and keeps going.
Since we at least 1 month behind you in a bloom time (for example, Elsie Lee just started and poukhanense still have some color), mid to late June would be a perfect timing for me.
Thanks again.

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