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Sheri_MS(z8 MS)August 1, 2005

How do these spread? I divided mine when I bought it just by slicing through the mass of roots. It was a huge plant. Miraculously it survived my clumsy attempts and is thriving in two pots. It has put off several long skinny sort of shoots with leaves coming from the ends. They have these sort of knobby "elbows". It feels like these might form roots if they weren't hanging over the edge of the pot. I wondered if I could cut these off and plant them elsewhere.

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Someone else will probably have a better suggestion for you, but when mine did this a couple years ago (before I got them into the ground), I just set pots (w/soil) around them and set the runners on top of them. Once they had rooted well I seperated them from the mama and they did fine.

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Grancru(z5 MI)

I would like to know this as wee since my other types of EE are doing the same thing and I would love to cut these off to form new plants.


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