Alocasia questions

cookieross07August 25, 2009

I got an Alocasia (don't know the type, arrow shaped dark green leaves with light green veins and jagged edges) from my uncle's funeral and it is very important to me that it stays healthy and happy! I live in Arkansas and plan to keep it in my office because I have kids and pets at home and I know it is poisonous! However my office doesn't stay very warm in winter after I leave in the evenings and on weekends! I don't want to confuse it with 8 hours of warmth every day and cold nights and weekends! Also, it is in a very small pot, but it is a pretty good sized plant (largest leaves are over a foot long) and I don't want it to become root bound! Is it ok to repot it now? Any information would be great! By the way, does this plant bloom, it appears to have some old bloom stalks on it? Thanks!

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