calla aethiopica doesn't seem to flower here in zone 5

cheerpeopleAugust 18, 2007

I wanted a tall calla like I saw in CA. The leaves had no spots, the blooms were white. They grew in full shade there and were approx 4 ft tall. I was told here that that was aethiopica so I traded for some here on GW and grew them all season after overwintering bareroot.

I have some in a water garden, I have some in full shade in the dirt, some in part shade and some in full sun. None have bloomed. None have gotten even 3 ft tall.

Do rhizomes of aethopica that are 1 inch across have the maturity to bloom?

Has anyone in zone 5 or 6 gotten them 4 ft tall and blooming?

An added gripe about aethiopica is that it is tasty to the japanese beetles. They don't tend to bother the spotted leaf varieties, but the combo of no flowers and bug eaten plain foliage is making this a "not worth digging ea. year" type plant.

Hope you can tell me you've had success- or it's getting yanked.


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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Karen, I advise patience personally.....the tubers you have are babies. I do not know how large mine are, but they are much larger than 1 inch in diameter and they are not 4 feet tall. I have seen a lot of griping on these sorts of forums that the so-called giant Zants, are not that giant for most people that do not happen to have the ideal conditions to gorw them in!! By the way, here in PA, the spotted leaf Z. elliottiana is a favorite of Jap. beetles as are the bananas, the Cyphostemma and most every other plant it seems :o) Dan

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honeybunny442(z6 TN)

I grew them for years in zone 5 with no problem. Some would bloom during the summer and some would wait until winter.

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thx honeybunny,

Interestingly the ones in the soil show slight rot.
The ones in a container water garden show no rot and they were soaking all summer!

If they bloom for you maybe someday for me.
I'll give them one more summer.


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