Forgotten Arisaema

geoforce(z7a SE PA)August 14, 2009

Our refrigerator went south last weekend and while cleaning it out to dispose of it I found a jar with baggies of seedling Arisaemas I had forgotten were in there. These were all bulblets in there for their second dormant period, placed there in January and February, and most had started to grow new leaves and new roots already. Naturally the silver leaf consanguineum which I particularly wanted were the ones which did not survive and had rotted. "Cest la vie"!! About 50 A. ciliatum bulbs and fewer of several other kinds had survived in great shape. Some of the ciliatum had shoots over 8 inches long curling around in the baggies. I planted them all out in a protected bed in the garden and just hope its not too late in the year for them to settle in and survive the winter. Some are perking up and greening up more so I'm hoping.


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