colocasia esculenta

debbiecz3(z3MB)August 29, 2005

The older leaves on this year old plant (restarted from bulb this spring) have brown and yellow edges. It is in a container that gets morning sun only; lots of water and is fertilized regularly. Is this common for the leaves as they age or is it something else? The new leaves are green and healthy looking.

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plantman69(z6b canada)

it is normal for the older leaves to turn yellow and long as the plant is putting out healthy new leaves things should be ok......Brent :)

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Thank you Brent for your response. I've just recently obtained a baby "illustris" and am watching out for a good deal on "black magic" as I've really come to like these plants. Trying to make my zone 3 patio look a little like the tropics in the summer months!

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Yes, the leaves normally "cycle". But I don't think that is the case. Please submit a photo. I suspect you are overfertilizing it, and/or the soil is dry. Its tricky because it can be moist to the touch, but be dry lower down if your drainage is "too good". Again, submit a photo is your best chance at a much more accurate diagnosis. Don't shrug it off, it may be a problem. You may have to do a soil transfusion and fertilize less. What kind of fertilizer is it? If it is anything other than time release granules, or miracle grow liquid, I will probablly frown on it.

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