Aroids with yellow edges on leaves!!

algernonAugust 29, 2006

I have a number of alocasia growing in different location but they have all developed yellow margins to the leaves and are getting shrivelled.What could this be a sign of?Some are kept fry and some very well watered,some are given a treatment for creating acid conditions and some aren,t.The chemical for the acid treatment is sequestrene.

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I can't speak for the chemicals you used but I can tell you too much nitrogen will do exactly what you describe.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

When mine get yellow edges it's almost always from too little water, and when I give them more they usually improve. Only the new leaves, tho'--Guess I should add that down here where it's still over 90 with high humidity, they recover quickly. We've had a lot of drought, so it's been hard to keep things watered.

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I am confused as I read that alocasias like a lot of water and again they like it dry.I have kept these yellow edged ones not too dry,they are by the way ,alocasia robusta,which I know are a nightmare to keep but I like the challenge of that.The othe ones that are yellow edged are in water with cyperus papyrus so wet or dry I get this problem.I don,t think too much nitrogen could be the problem as the compost with the robustas is chopped moss,grit bit of manure,and perlite,hardly a rich diet but I was worried about root burn as they are or were only two leaved plants,quite small,perhaps I overdid the care a bit and maybe starved them!The other one with yellow edges is Caladora,though since adding acidifying chemical,the new leaf has come upo dark green and healthy.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I think the idea is that alocasias like very well-drained mix, but plenty of water when the weather's warm. Colocasias for the most part at least need much more water and don't care that much about drainage, especially when it's warm. Some say they need to be dry in the winter and I believe that's true even more for alocasias, but my first (identified!) colocasia I kept with a large saucer of water under it in the greenhouse, before I found out it's hardy here, and it did fine. Don't do that with an alocasia!

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stevethelizard(SE uk z8-9)

i think micro nutrients or rather lack of might be problem
you could try feeding with a seaweed solution or a fert with added trace elements i have found this works to some extent with the yellowing edges

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Thanks stevethelizard ,I'll try that.

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I have a Alocasia Amazonica that suddenly started to show wilting in the leaves. I haven't changed the watering schedule nor changed soil conditions or fertilizer. Is there a reason for this sudden change.

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