labrea_gwJuly 21, 2011

I've had Pat Austin since she was introduced and shes always a great show in my garden but I realized the show is down to just 2 canes of the original plant so I decided to order a 2nd and will replace the old war horse next spring. I have some rare rose some spectacular roses but Pat holds a special place in my heart.

There are grafted roses in my garden about 15 to 25 years what is the average age of grafted roses in your gardens, ALL my OGR are own root.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

My grafted roses are probably, on average, about 4-5 yrs--really young compared to yours. However, I do have several (like Buff Beauty and Golden Showers and Eutin) that are over 10 years, maybe over 15 yrs old. I would guess all of those are grafted since I knew nothing about own root until a few years ago.

I know what you mean about a rose holding a special place in your heart. The first rose I ever planted (30 yrs ago!) was Eutin, and I've grown Eutin in every garden I 've had since. My current one is getting to look a bit run down, and I was thinking just the other day that I ought to get a new, fresh one to replace it.


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Totally different climate, but there are two Queen Elizabeth budded plants here which were in place when the house was purchased in 1975. Out back, there is a Lili Marleen which has an ENORMOUS Manetti mountain over shadowing the remainder of Lili, that's been in that spot for the same length of time. There is also a Gardens of the World which has been where it grows since the year of introduction, early nineties.

Out front, there are rather badly virused English roses a landscraper installed about fifteen years ago, then all the own root ones I have put in much more recently. The remaining tags on the English ones are all from Star Roses, FWIW. Kim

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

I can recall one grafted plant where the graft seemed to wear out after about 20 years, covered with scars of basal canes that had died over the years. It (the splendid HMsk 'Kathleen') was planted with the graft at grade level and never went own-root. I guess any systematic answer to this question would come from growers in climates where grafts are normally planted above grade.

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I feel the same way about Pat! I have had my Pat for over 10 years. She is grafted and came in one of those boxes that you plant in the ground which I did. She is now over 6 ft tall and looking better than ever.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Our virused Reine des Violettes (from ROY&T) lasted 20 years. It went own-root tho.
Half of it still grows well in the Stagecoach Inn garden, Newbury Pk., CA. That would be 24 years.


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