Grow in containers?

kathy_h_growerMay 1, 2009


I'm from a fairly cold area in Canada and was wondering if Rhododendrons will survive if grown in containers and brought in to winter in the house.

I have never seen them for sale in our area before but seen some the other day and have always thought they are gorgeous.

Thanks for any advice you can give.


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mainegrower(Z5b ME)

There are dwarf rhododendron varieties which can be grown in pots. These are generally small leafed lepidote (scaly leaved) kinds without the huge blossoms you may be looking for. Overwintering in a cold frame, cellar or similar place will work, but the house would be too warm

You do not give your hardiness zone, but there are a number of large leafed (elepidote) rhododendrons which can be grown outdoors in Zone 4. These include the old Iron Clad varieties, the hybrids from Helsinki University, many of the David Leach hybrids, newer ones from the U. of Connecticut breeding program and many others.

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