What to do with my a. paeoniifolius?

joeb004(z3/4 MN)August 13, 2007

I bought the tuber off Ebay early in the spring. I started it in one of my CP terrariums. Long story short, it has leafed out for quite a while now. The first leaf appears to be dying (stalk is greying and it flopped over like they do at the end of the season, but there is a second leaf (nearly as big) that is probably a good 6 weeks younger (but suprisingly large) and still growing strong.

Do I keep watering or dig it up and try and figure out what is going on down there?

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nightbloomincereus 7A noVA(7a Northern VA)

As long as it wants to grow I advise that you keep feeding and watering it regularly. When the leaves all begin to die then you can slack off on water and let it go dormant.

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