Amorphophallus species Thailand

ogeckoAugust 2, 2007

I received this tuber as "Amorphophallus species Thailand" and it is now in bloom for me although IÂve only had it for slightly more than two months. This is good, but what is it? Can anyone help me with an ID? The closest that I could come by searching the IAS web site is A. linearis, but the tuber isnÂt elongated so IÂm uncertain. I suppose that I can wait to see the leaves, but IÂm impatient! :-)

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The plant you have is a Amorphophallus atroviridis i have one just like it. i love the leaves!

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Thanks for the ID, I think that I'll have to wait for the foliage to confirm it, though: all of the pictures of atroviridis that I could find on the web showed a distinctly pink "cup" and the one that I have doesn't look pink to me. However, there could be natural variation and I AM partially colorblind in the reds & greens!

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I've got 4 or 5 of these ... think they are rather variable - even the leaves exhibit this whole range of intermediate characters - I've got a few with dark green leaves (the edges are crinkled) and a bright pink rim, and another with lots of spots on the stem and just dark green leaves with a smooth edge. Another friend has got specimens that are inbetween.. its a nightmare trying to ID these plants for sure ! LOL

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