Titan bloom in Pittsburgh!

kataclysm(Pittsburgh, PA (6b))August 22, 2013

I was lucky enough to get to see the local Titan arum (nicknamed "Romero") in bloom at Phipps Conservatory this week. The blossom and the smell were both a bit past their peak, but a spectacular sight none the less.

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romero looks great.. thanks for posting pic..
more and more conservatories are keeping amorph titanum
it seems.. YEA !!! :)
was there any details on age /size of the corm?
looks like alot of foliage plants around base of pot holding
the titanum.. i guess to make it look "nice" they have to dress it up..:)
again..thanks for pic and posting !!!

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kataclysm(Pittsburgh, PA (6b))

There was a sign about the size of the corm, but I forget how big it was... Maybe 60 lbs.? I remember thinking that it would be hard for me to lift, also that it was bigger than a child, lol! The conservatory got the plant in 2010, but I don't know how old Romero actually is. This is his first bloom.

Phipps tends to have a lot of foliage around everything except maybe the bonsai, lol. It is a beautiful place, one of the nicest conservatories I've visited.

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