Plant ID needed (Alocasia or Colocasia?)

MimiGoldAugust 8, 2012

6 years ago I bought 2 of these plants from the local nursery before I knew much about gardening. Didn't save the the plant id tag from the pots or make note of the plant name. I have transplanted them a few times over the years and they have always grown well. I am hoping someone can identify the name of this plant so I can make sure they have the best growing conditions to reach their potential.

I am pretty sure they are either an Alocasia or Colocasia, but I don't know which, or their botanical name. I hope someone here is able to give me the plant identification.

Thanks so much!

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Looks more like a Philodendron bipinnatifidum, but neither Alocasia nor Colocasia.

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Sorry, I left out the other option, that it could be Philodendron Xanadu.

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Thank you, tropicbreezent! It turned out to be the Philodendron Xanadu!

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