Lees Dark bloom wilt

emj123May 20, 2007

I bought a Lees Dark Rhodo. that was just starting to bloom (1 bud was partially opened and the remainder were ready to pop open), intending to put it in the ground immediately but was unable to until 3 days later. For those 3 days, it sat (still in the pot) between a fence and a small wall where it was protected from wind but did receive some sun and shade. I did, however, forget to water it during the 3 days though we did get some rain 2 days after I bought it (I know, shame on me). The temps. were cool during the 3 days, but no frost.

When I pulled it out to plant (I did plant it), it was mostly bloomed but the blooms are severely wilted. The leaves are fine, I do not see any evidence of disease and the roots were not bound up in the pot. Is the wilting likely caused from lack of water? Will the blooms perk up with some TLC or should I deadhead them all (ouch!).

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Does sound like the roots got dry. Good watering may bring the flowers back, you can always pick them off later if they don't perk up. I've seen this happen many times, the flowers apparently melt well before the leaves start to flag.

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Yep--that was the problem. An hour and lots of water later--they have perked up substantially. Amazing what a little water can do.

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