philodendrum pink princess

gaza(10 la CA)August 4, 2007

hi group,got this plant 3 months ago,and it had variegated leaves of pink/white and red.

it is in bright shade,as instructed,and growing well,but all the new leaves[5],are solid dark red?

any ideas as to how i can get it back to varieagation?


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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

Chop all the red leaves off mate , it should continue with the pink . This can be a fussy bast#*d to grow , feed it up as well .

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So how would one properly take care of this plant, I just got a couple in four inch pots, potted them together in an 8 inch pot......they are so freaking slow growing! Should I remove any pure white growth? Does this slow down its growth?


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Hi Gary, you might have better luck forcing new variegated growth by taking a tip cutting, or simply pinching the growing tip off. This forces new growth from nodes further back on the vine. There's a node at every leaf on the stem, this is typical of all vining Philodendrons. My experience with variegated vining Philos is that the growing tip rarely produces more variegated leaves if it produces 3 or more 'all green' leaves, or in this case 'all reddish-brown'. While I think these dark leaves are gorgeous in their own right, variegation is the reason most people grow this plant. The new growth produced at nodes further back on the vine is much more likely to be variegated. If new growth doesn't have variegated leaves, cut back to new nodes further back on the vine. You should eventually get good variegated growth. You can root these non-variegated cuttings you're taking, pot them for yourself or give them away to someone who appreciates a beautiful dark-leaved Philo. You still have time to do this, since you're in Calif zone 10.

Tracy, you're obviously not going to do any cutting, being
in zone 2 and approaching fall. I think your two 4 inch
plants being put into an 8 inch pot is fine. Just watch
your watering since your temps are going to start being
cooler, and the plants will want to slow down and will want less water. That said, don't let them dry out completely, but make sure the top inch or so is dry before
you water again. Yes, Pink Princess is a slow grower, there's not much you can do about it. In late spring, be sure to fertilize it, I always cut the recommended amount
to half or 1/4th, and fertilize more often. Regarding the
all-white leaf, you can leave it or cut it off. As long as
it has other leaves with chlorophyll to produce food, the
leaf doesn't hurt the plant, but it's of no benefit either.
I have variegated Monstera deliciosa 'Borsigiana' that sometimes will start producing all-white leaves, many in a row. This growth is no good whatever and I cut the vine back to the variegated leaves to make it produce new variegated growth from the nodes. I throw the all-white cutting away since it can't support itself with no chlorophyll. Syngonium podophyllum variegata does the same thing on occasion, and it also produces all-green growth, which I cut off.

Post me at if you have more questions.
central Fla

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