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cynthiaroseMay 4, 2005


Years ago I had the great fortune to be living along the North Fork of the Smith River in N. Calif, if anyone knows where that is, ha.

In any event I do recall some lovely wild azaleas growing above the river there with a truly heavenly sweet fragrance.

Did a quick search on this site & all I came up with was a possibility of Rhododendron occidentale, Western Azalea.

The ones I recall were a pretty yellow-orangish color. Is this the same plant? Seems like a generic title, so wasn't sure if this would produce any results at the store.

It seems many aren't aware that some types of azalea have a fragrance (especially when the sun hits them!), woe even my local nursery knew nothing, nada, zip.

If anyone has suggestions on this, please post, thanks much!

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hi cynthia,
many of our east coast native azaleas are quite fragrant.
according to this site, r. occidentale is the only one growing naturally west of the rockies.
there can be variations in color occuring among populations and you might compare the photos at the link below to what you recall seeing.
you should be able to locate the species plants in some nurseries and there may be other forms developed from them that are being marketed.

Here is a link that might be useful: r. occidentale photos

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

In addition to fragrance, native azaleas are also known for one of their "unusual" colors, yellow. You can also check for information on varieties of R. austrinum (Apricot, Sunrise, Pure Yellow, etc.) on the link below. R. austrinum has a honeysuckle scent. Luis

Here is a link that might be useful: Native Azaleas

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