we had a tornado

mphilips320(7)August 9, 2006

Everyone hug your phylos and be so glad they are home.We had a tornado last night about 5 pm.It wasnt too bad just alot of trees down and the farm next door had an out building that blew away and still cant find my trash cans.But my little green house took a direct hit it looks like.All my phylos and orchids are everywhere.Witch I am glad alot of them amazingly I will just have to repot but some of the phylos I had worked so hard to get them on there poles and got to growing them so well is all gown.I know if alot of you are like me you took so much pride every new leaf.A true phylo lover knows how long it takes to get that plant looking just right not too stringy just full enough for it to look just so healthy.My red one and my moonglow I actualy dusted each leaf I was so tickled.I had one that had the pink stripe.Oh well I can start over root my little pieces and in a few years have a nice show piece :) I just wish I had pictures I never got around to taking any.It would be nice if everyone posted a picture of there favorite phylo just to inspire yet another to love them as we do :)

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I know how you feel. Last year my alocasias, colocasias and xans were just beautiful. Then came the 2005 hurricanes. We had a hail storm and it ripped the leaves to shreds. I was so frustrated until I thought about 1990 and I put it all into perspective. Feb 2., 1990 a tornado hit my parents' house. They were OK but it got all the beautiful cedar trees which completely shaded their yard and a new car was left only knee high after a tree fell on it. In April 1990 my Dad had a colostomy due to cancer and underwent 30 radiation and 8 weeks of chemo. In July, just as Dad was fiishing his treatments, my nephew fell gravely ill and died July 21. So whenever I'm down and out, I think what a good day and year this is compared to 1990. It really puts things into perspective. Cars and plants can be re-grown and replaced. Your house and family are OK. Please take a moment to count your blessings. You are blessed

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

It's good to count your blessings, as I'm sure we all do, but it still hurts when a plant--or plants--we've loved and nurtured is damaged, even if they can be re-grown. They are, after all, our children, and just as when our two-legged children (and our four-legged children lol!) get an 'owee' we hurt for them, even when we know they'll be all healed soon. We had a fairly bad thunderstorm earlier this spring, and regular branches dropping from the tree that provides most the shade for my plants, and I regret each leaf. And I remember my good gardening friend in Erath who lost all her plants, both inside and out, to the wrath of Rita. Yes, things could be worse. But it still hurts, doesn't it?

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lots of respect for all of you. It takes very quality aspects of personality to patiently work for the short lived flowers of so many of the Aroids. Even many only once blooming lilies give such a short span of time to enjoy their blooms.

To attain to the character which hightly values the process rather than only the shortest episode of glory is truly a wonderous thing that many captivated and devoted growers of Aroids must share.

I can only wonder what that world truely must be like, whenever I encounter even the smallest venture into such territory.

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