EE's don't get big, why?

drich30099August 23, 2013

Several yrs. ago I had an EE, sorry don't know what else to call them, it got huge, giant leaves. The bulb rotted or something that winter. Tried them again last yr. and this, they just arent't getting that big. maybe 2 ft. tall, barely. Yes, there are a couple of pups came up too, so is it pot size that matters? My friend went to the local community fair today and say a "huge one" in a small pot! Mine are not the small type, i'm pretty sure they are bulbs that are supposed to produce big plants! Help, next year I'd like to do it right!

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hi debrichard..
i have had similar experience this yr too..
for me..i attribute it to..weve had an extremely hot /dry summer..
i didnt overwinter my EE's as i usually do..i store them in shredded leaves..slightly dampened..inside..i kept them
bareroot..many of my colocasias (which dont do well overwintered bareroot) didnt even survive ..:(
also..i didnt fertilize my EE's like they like..
to my knowledge.."generally" alocasia,colocasia,xanthosomas.. like heavy feeding..
i used coco coir last yr and previous yr.. it is neutral
pH but here in utah we have pretty alkaline either peat..or coir is a good soil amendment..
sigh..sadly..i didnt use either..:( im such a bad gardener..
my EE's are doing good.. just not the GIANTS they typically are..
dont know if that helps u or not..just some of my experiences growing EE's here..
good luck..and dont give up !!!!

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lets see some pics. there are many types. and some are much larger then others. do you know for a fact that you got the same type 2nd time around?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

The size of the bulb is a big factor too. If you are buying a 'bin bulb,' they are probably Colocasia esculenta, so can take a few years to reach a huge size. Very fertile soil that is constantly moist but well drained/not soggy, dappled light all day or morning/evening light, harsh mid-day rays can cause faux wilt, hard on the plant (not a true sign of thirst, but an unnecessary coping mechanism) and unsightly.

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great pic purple...
?? do your EE"s produce money?? i see a dollar on the leaf.. if they are..mmm.. i would like some pups off that plant..:) lol :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

LOL TY! I should probably be a bit more secretive about this magic plant.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

you could move to florida ?? They are a noxious weed here lol Around town the largest are growing at the edges of canals usually in shade. much variation in size even in my own yard . They love heat ,humidity and lots of moisture for sure.
I've heard there is a hybrid that produces 100 dollar bills?? All i get are more plants lol Good luck gary

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

For big plants next year...finish out this drain with ample water and some fert. At a 1-5-1 ratio, such as 9-50-9 like I use all season... High N, the first number will make the bulb soft and likely to rot!
Once it's cold out, bring the EE in and clean off the leaves and store it, like you apparently already do.
Next year, drag it out and force it out of dormancy early, not too early tho, 4-6 weeks before the last frost!
As soon as the risk of frost is over, get that bad boy in the ground!
Plant in the richest loosest soil you can find, or buy, and don't let it dry out!
Depending on what kind it is your gunna want some sun, maybe alot!
Most seem to prefer morning sun and midday shade... Some won't take much sun and other love roasting in it all day, but not if get dry!

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