calidora blooming continuously?

sandy0225(z5 Indiana)August 23, 2008

My Calidora is blooming continously this year. It started in March and it hasn't quit yet. Unfortunately, this has been at the expense of the leaves. They aren't as large as last year at all, only about 3 feet long by 2.5 wide. Do they normally do this when they get older? it's about three or four years old. I've been taking the same care of it, but the weather has been unusually cool at night until recently.

The seedlings from last years seeds are getting big. They should be labeled calidoraXcalidora, correct?

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

My calidoras flower a lot as well , just took some great pics last night of little bees crawling over the spadix . I also have portei flowering profusely so did a few more pollinations of it onto the calidora . [ Port'o'cal ]
I to collected seeds from my calidora , and was lucky enough to get a few promising small leaf ' Pixie Teardrop' types in the progeny. calidora F2 lable is easier

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