Alocasia debate

etropicals(z10FL)August 22, 2005

Here is an interesting aroid I found on Ebay. I emailed the seller and asked for a specific species name. I also asked if he was sure it was an alocasia since it looked alot like Xanthosoma Lime Zinger.

Here is the link:

This is the emailed response from the seller:

I bought my original 2 from Glasshouse Works about 3 years ago for $50 apiece, and they were about the size of my index finger. They were alocasia macr. 'New Guinea Gold'. However, they began pupping pure yellowish

ones. I kept them and tossed the original because I liked the color so much more. I have planted them all over my yard, and probably have a thousand of them now. Anywho, that's the scoop! Thanks for asking!

Anybody by that story???? I still think they are Xanthoma Lime Zinger, except they are alot bigger than what I thought Xanthosoma Lime Zinger gets to.

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Lime Zinger. Period.

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What is this with the description?
Is he saying this is an agave, aloe, succulent?
NEON YELLOW ALOCASIA!!! (tropical,agave,aloe,succulent)
I have Lime Zingers that are about that size and in pots. If they were in the ground they would be a lot bigger.
Nothing unusal about that.
And just because it was labeled alocasia macr. 'New Guinea Gold' doesn't make it so. I'm sure most of us have bought a plant that was mislabed.
Anyway I guess it worth $8.00 If you don't have one that color in your collection.

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raymikematt(z7b SC)

Yes they are definately Xanthosoma maffafa "lime zinger" or whatever they are calling it now. I buy his story, anyone here ever ordered from Glasshouse works? They are overpriced on many common items and often...very often, misslabel their plants. Not that i dont like the place, they have some good finds and EVENTUALLY you will get your order, but I think this guy is legit, not trying to pull something off on someone. I even think he is a forumer here...not on the Aroid forum but I have seen his pics on other forums in GW.
Michael M.

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bihai(zone 9)

My Xanthosoma Lime Zingers here get to be about 5.5-6.5 ft, same as my ALocasia New Guinea Gold and ALocasia plumbea nigra Metallica and ALocasia Portodora, all of which are planted in the ground year round. My Xanthosoma sagitifolia, however, can reach epic proportions of over 8 ft.
I have a friend here locally who used to sell plants TO Glasshouse Works for resale, she says that they frequently do not know what they have and mislabel lots of stuff. I have looked at their site and things are way overpriced.
I too think the link you posted is Lime Zinger.

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I paid $10.99 for this one in Spring, from a local nursery. I'll be trying to save it over this winter. Too bad they don't know what they have to sell. Mine are between 3-4ft here. It sure brightens up this corner of the yard.

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Oooohhh - Bonbon - what a gorgeous spot, plant, planter, rocks, bird bath, and tree trunk! Love it, love it, love it.

Does it get any sun there?


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bihai(zone 9)

Looks great with those coleus and ferns! You can save it overwinter, let it go dormant and then just move the planter to a place that may be cold but doesn't necessarily freeze. Mine all stay up until the first really hard freeze, 20-28 usually, then they go dormant and its bye bye til March. The ones that form trunks, like Portodora, Odora, Portei, etc will sometimes try to push out new growth over our mild winters, but if another hard freeze comes along they get knocked back again. Xanthosoma saggitifolia does that too, but Lime Zinger definitely goes dormant as do all the other alocasias and colocasias I have planted out

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Thank You Susan. It does get some morning sun and then filtered and shade in the heat of the afternoon & evening. I have hosta's just to the right side of the tree.
Thanks, Bihai for all the info. I've always had EE and caladiums, but this year I started "branching out"-(pun intended :) I got the idea for the pot combination from a magazine last winter. So I just leave it in the pot? I can store it in my cool, dry basement. I don't know what the fern will do, it probably needs more moisture during the winter, do you know? I'd sacrifice it, if necessary.

Here it is getting some morning sun- hope you don't mind the pics, I just recently learned how to post them. I'm really having fun w/my camera this summer.

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GOrgeous pics, BonBon. You are doing a fine job with that camera. I haven't had a chance to use mine yet. Just bought a Sony Cybershot 5.1 mp. My daughter, though, is having a great time with it.

Is that a Sum & Substance I see?


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It is a Sum & Substance, 2 yrs old. I like how it brightens up the corner. It was pelted with hail in early summer, never has fully recovered, but there's always next year.

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sum&sumbstance has to be my favorite hosta out there, yea know what that hail can do, we got hit with it here this spring too, will have to try and post a pic of ours here.

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