Funny Konjac story

CarolynA(sierras)September 4, 2006

I had a booth at our local Peddlers Fair this weekend and I took some extra Konjacs & Dracunculus tubers to sell. I bring them every year & folks like them a lot. Anyway, I had a sign that said "Voodoo Lilys" and then told about each variety. We're sitting there & this elderly foreign couple walks into the booth. From their accents I'm thinking they're from somewhere in the Carribean. The man says to me "Do they work?". I didn't totally understand & thought he meant "do they grow" so I said yes. He turned to his wife & whispered "Look Honey, they're for Voodoo, you know, curses." & then they walked off. I was speachless. I've never had THAT happen before!! I thought you guys might get a chuckle out of that.

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Carolyn, that is SO funny! It takes all kinds huh? :) arum

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