Plant snatchin # 2

chris32599(9b-10a AZ usa)September 17, 2005

Quite interesting about people feeling on the subject.. My two cents.. I have a large garden that is open ( not fenced) I don't mine people taking cuttings or small plants from my garden... but what get my goat is when they try to dig up whole plants or do damage trying to get something...

I have ran off many who through they can just go and dig up something that I planted....I feel they should at least ask first..

One day I saw some boys trying to cut down some bamboo, I just ask what made then think that they could just walk on someone place and start cutting down things, they said that they wanted a fishing pole and I had no sign saying not to.... I say oh that nice so it ok for me to go to your place and take what I want, because you don't have a sign saying not too..they smile and started to leave, and left the bamboo they have cut on the ground...I said take the bamboo that you have cut, but asks before taking any more...

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

A thief is a a a thief.

If you don't ask permission and just help yourself to something that does not belong to you that makes you a thief.

That you know how to grow something from a sprig...goody for you. You are still a thief.

Not everyone knows how to take just a sprig. I have seen what used to be beautiful plnats for sale mutilated by what looks to be someone trying to snatch a sprig. Multiple branches or stems broken and large lengths of branches stripped away. No doubt those branches will die back...perhaps the whole plant will die. Perhaps the plant will no longer look good enough to sell and will be tossed in the trash.

Good for you! You have a stolen spring growing from a plant you may have doomed to certain death. Well done! Sleep well.


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randy_e(z9b FL)

I planted something special for you plant snippers...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Oh Randy, that's so cute! And I've known a few folks I'd love to have one of those for. When this topic comes up as it seems to periodically, I remember an African Violet show with all the top winning plants on a tiered table against the wall. When the show was being taken down, one of the winners was, shall we say, surprised to find that the entire back of her plant was missing. All the leaves broken off. She probably had to start the plant over completely to get it in shape for the next year's show. Yes, she still had her plant (sort of.) Yes, the people who took the leaves (I assume it was several, or maybe just one very greedy person) was very clever to be able to grow (more plants than anyone could possibly need!) from all those leaves. I frequently give plants away and am happy to give them when asked, but I sure don't appreciate it when folks just help themselves.

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