Worst case....well, second worst

johnsonm08(5a)September 6, 2013

My big konjac flowered in April 5+ feet tall.
I waited an waited, but nothing. I finally decided that the crazy weather this rotted the big tuber--I didn't dig it up since there was a pot full of pups growing. Now I found this.....I guess it's better than being rotted. Now I have to find a spot for it indoors--I guess it will be good practice for when the titanum get big.

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well I have a titanum corm with rotten spike..any advice? The corm is solid but I don't hold much hope for it

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wow mike..
one of my medium sized konjac just wouldnt come out of
dormancy.. it had a spike..but it just sat there..
this is back in june..
i potted it up..the corm started to get soft..so i took it out..
kept the top uncovered..but watered it..
i pretty much gave up on it..so i potted it up like i would a "normal" corm.. and put it with the rest in the backyard..
what comes of it..?? LOL.. multiple petioles have come up now.. and its doing fine..
i hope your BIGGIE is ok mike..youve put so much into it..and im sure hoping for a MONSTER flower next spring.. i know i would..
tropic.. i wouldnt give up on your titanum..
as you said..the corm is solid.. im thinking it may have gone back into dormancy.. id dust it with some fungicide
and pot it up..keep it like u would a "normal" corm..
would be a shame to give up..when maybe all it needs is
a chance..
good luck guys !!!!
keep us posted on progress...

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I have one Konjac this year that has JUST NOW woken up! It hasn't leafed out yet but within' a few days it will. All the others except ONE 8" corm that refuses to wake are up are fine. I'll treat the sleepy heads once cold weather comes as non growers and put them away as usual. Strange year for some of these plants! I love them though!

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Think they may be remaining dormant after blooming?

I hear that's pretty common of large corms...

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Well she's awake now but by the time she finishes leafing out the cold will end her season and it'll be time to dig her up. Weird year for these.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Cool! What a nice find. Just a quick tip: take cell phone pictures in landscape with the bottom of your phone to your right and you will never have orientation issues.


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It's kind of odd that this one is just waking up and my titanum is just going dormant--this usually happens at the same time, but in June.
This is the first time in 15+ years I've grown the konjac that this happened--it is the biggest/oldest one too though. I think the problem with just letting the frost get it and then store it like normal is that the tuber is used up in the formation of the leaf, and without the 3 or so months of growth a new tuber won't completely form.
Here are some other family members ( portrait mode bottom on the right)((thanks, hadn't heard that before)).

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mike..thats a really good lookin family..
ive been thinking of expanding(like i need to) the
varieties of amorphs i have..
i do have a big backyard..guess i could just fill it up
with amorphs..LOL
have to get some shade back there though..
hope your BIGGIE survives for you ...

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