Not 'White Lights' but...

ajer16(z5b MI)May 27, 2006

...we like it anyway. I stuck this plant in the ground Spring of 2005. It's from one of the box stores and was labelled 'White Lights'--obviously not! I suspect it's 'Mandarin Lights' with 'Gibraltar' possible. Any veterans out there able to make a positive ID?


Here's another look:


All the local nurseries, as well as the big boxes, only seem to carry the usual suspects when it comes to deciduous azaleas--the Lights series plus the odd 'Gibraltar' or 'Klondyke'. Home Depot, however, each year has a few small oddball plants for $5 each. Last year I nabbed three 'Berryrose' and two 'Satan'. They are all doing great. A shot of 'Berryrose' blooms is below:



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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

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