Arum italicum

gigagysSeptember 2, 2007


My A. italicum is now, 1 september, developing leaves already.

Usually this happens end of oktober.

Is this a sign of the warming up of the athmosphere?

Greetings, Gijs

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How warm is it where you live? My A. italicum usually start putting out new leaves in the Fall when the temps start to get cooler.

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Hello Jim,
Usually the leaves coming up somewhere at the end of oktober. This year it was a cool summer. I live in a pretty cold region of western europe (8).
Also mentionable: My Hydrangenaes are developing flowers now.
Thanks for your reation.
kind regards, Gijs

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

Here in southeastern PA, the seed clusters of mine are just toppling over to the ground. Leaves will probably not show for a month or so at the earliest. We have had a relatively hot, dry summer, but fall temps are starting in now with tomorrow forcast to be in the mid 60s. We still need rain though.


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