Azalea leaf turning yellow

NJ08865May 10, 2012

About 3-4 weeks ago I planted 2 pink azalea plants in front on my house. This week the flowers started to fall off and the edges of the leaves started to turn a yellowish color. It looks as if they are starting to wilt and die. There is some bright green new looking leaves in the top most part of the plants. But the rest of the plants look as if they are wilting away. I am looking for some direction as to how I should go about rectifying this problem. As I am new to this whole gardening thing any information or help would be greatly appreciated I could provide pictures if requested

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When you planted the azaleas, did you disturb their roots so that they will begin to grow out into the soil? Did you water the azaleas copiously when you planted them, and are you keeping them adequately watered?

Leaf drop during an azalea's spring growth spurt is normal. Evergreen azaleas shed many of their old leaves as they produce new leaves in the springtime.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Is the site a suitable one for azaleas? Hopefully, you did not add a large amount of peat moss or other amendments to the existing soil and didn't plant your plants too deeply into that soil.

Though providing water is an important aspect of any plant installation and maintenance, you need to be careful about over watering. Establishing root systems require plenty of oxygen at the roots, so you need to be certain that the planting site doesn't remain saturated for long periods of time.

No one can really help you much further without knowing more about the planting site and your planting procedures. Problems in both of those categories can lead to failure.

So, perhaps if you give us more information, we can do a better job at guessing what might the problem(s).

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