Voodoo ID please

danasplants(9a)September 9, 2010

Hi I purchased a couple from a woman she did not know the name, a friend had given them to her. I have never seen any with a bump a third the way up the stalk is a bump in the stalk. It is a characteristic of this kind i have a very young and 3 ft-er both have the bump please any one have a clue thanks ...Dana also the the leaves are seprate not running along the tops of the branches like the corspe lily

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A photo would help a great deal.

There are close to 40 species of Amorphophallus which are the plants that are most commonly known as "Voodoo lilies" In addition there are several related genera with quite a few more species that are also sometimes known by the same common name.

Try visiting the International Aroid Society website for possible ID's: www.Aroid.org

The page below will give you more information on the genus Amorphophallus in general, specifically on Amorphophallus konjac which does not sound like your plant.

There is only one single divided leaf known as a compound leaf on all Amorphophallus, although they look like a bunch of little leaves. A petiole (the stalk of the plant) can only support one leaf so if there appear to be multiple leaves they must be compound. The stem is underground and is known as a tuber. This is a bit technical which many readers find boring so if you wish to understand, that too is explained.

Good luck!


Here is a link that might be useful: Amorphophallus

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Thanks Steve for the info I have the konjac,no there leaves run ontop of the limbs this is like a regular tree with limbs and leaves off the limbs. The stalk is more grey than green like the konjac I will try to post a pic later thanks for the reply

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the answer is giraffes knees a smart lady on cubits knew

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Giraffes knees is a common name for the gonatopus genus i believe.

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