alocasia poly leaf problem

petrushkaSeptember 27, 2013

these are young plants just about 5 months from sprouting bulbils. were healthy, grown sep from other plants, no pests of any kind. recently I noticed strange leaf mottling - it is visible only on the underside when in good light.
it is only on some plants and not on others. I potted up sev largest plants from small 7 oz cups to 6" pots - 3 in a pot one week ago. I am not sure, but I think that it's showing on more leaves. I transferred them on a heat mat - to warm up the soil in case it got cooler and wetter due to a larger pot.
they are in bright light, with some weak dappled sun in western window.
the tops of the leaves look normal.
however on one plant there is some yellowing showing - might be the leaves are getting old? no mites on them, I feed with liq. fert , so should have no nute deficiency.
should I be concerned? should I cut off affected leaves?
what could be causing this?
2 newly xplanted plants are shooting new large healthy leaves, while older leaves show the symptoms.
all plants have 3 leaves and are growing.
I also noticed the same mottling on a 1 leaf very young spout too.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

How have things progressed?

The pic is kind of hard to make out...can you provide anymore pics?

Do the affected areas look wet or damaged?

I see spots on my alocasias that look like soaked thru spots on construction paper, but they are dry to the touch, I looks alot like the leaf has been smashed and damaged, but it hasn't...they come and go too so I know it's not damage...

Does this sound familiar or not?

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yep, it sounds a lot like you describe it.
I've been reading up on chloroplasts (=green cells). it appears they can move ... when there's too much light they can migrate ... that's the only thing coming close to what I see.
after potting up 3 small plants to a pot I put them in some partial indoor sunlight (before was dappled). and in a larger pot soil was damper - so then when I saw this strange symptoms, I put them back on a heating mat and back into dappled sunlight. and within 3-4 days I saw that the leaves started greening back up! in those 'wet looking, but totally dry', semi-transparent areas. and now they are back to normal looking in all pots, but one.
I have 3 new leaves going and more shooting in the same pots - so plants are OK and growing. but I was peeved for a while there.
so did you notice if your plants were reacting to strong light/more moisture/ less heat or anything like that?

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

I haven't made a definate connection with what causes it, no, but I can say that, I have noticed it mostly in the morning, about the time direct light hits them and burns off the dew.

So the plants are wet all night and then when first they are first exposed to direct when I've noticed it most.
That's not at all to say that either one is to blame, or that they aren't!

I can't say Ive ever noticed on poly, I see it on my big alocasias, portora, boa, Mac and odora...
I have say and studied it, poked and prodded, and made mental images... What I have noticed is these spots appear early, by 1 or 2pm they are gone, the next day they reappear, sometimes in the same exactly spot and pattern, sometimes in entirely different spots, often both...

It's been quite the mystery to me for some years now...

I'm not at all sure that it's anything wrong with the plant, certainly unattractive, but not obviously detrimental...

I'd like to know more, and speculate less about it!

Lets see what I can come up with!

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so i've been watching seems to increase when i give them ample water and soil gets cooler. and they are on a water-wick, but not on a heating mat directly, so the soil is somewhat wetter and cooler.
i put them back directly on the heating mat - and off the wick. removed the tent. so the soil got drier and warmer and symptoms reduced visibly overnight.
what i don't like is there seems to be slight yellowing appearing on the edges. not on all affected leaves, but on some. it's not healthy.
so for now i'll hand water them and keep them toasty to get soil warm and slightly drier. but it's only persisting in 1 pot, the other 2 greened back up and are OK. i'll be keeping next transplants on a heating mat until they grow in to avoid this.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

As long as the suns not roasting them, I usually let my African masks dry out pretty good between watering a, maybe that's got something to do with it, I almost never let my big alocasias get that dry.

Maybe too much water while its cool or when the plants can't use it cuased this...

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