Amorphophallus ?Konjac ?konjac ? rivieri

paul_(z5 MI)September 14, 2013

So out of curiosity, what is the correct nomenclature and can someone post a link to a reliable source proving it?

I have seen all of the above (as well as "konja", "rivieri 'Konjac' " and one or two other variations). I have had various people insistently tell me that it is correctly known as " A. Konjac", "A. konjac", or "A. rivieri." However, none have ever provided definitive evidence to support their case. As I do prefer to have my flora correctly named, I am curious to know just what is right?

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Google is your friend.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Thanks folks!

And, Tommy, I always treat Wiki with a healthy dose of skepticism -- I have found misinformation there many a time.

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Wiki has a lot of good information, if you can be sure you can recognise and separate it from the bad. If you put up a study paper based on references from Wiki it would be rejected outright. It's not regarded as an acceptable reference. The Kew database is the ultimate accepted authority for plants. It's updated daily (which also means what's accepted today may be obsolete tomorrow).

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I agree Wiki isn't a totally reliable source. I go to various other sites when I google to get a general consensus.

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

International Aroid Society lists A. konjac as the valid species. A. rivieri is not listed as species or synonym

Here is a link that might be useful:

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The International Aroid Society is the central point for registration of hybrids and cultivars. But the data they provide on species is incomplete. You only have to look in their genera lists to see that there are large numbers of species missing. They rarely put in synonyms.

Amorphophallus rivierei Durand ex Carrière, Rev. Hort. 42: 573 (1870) is the full reference of the synonym.

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