Rosy Lights azalea

kristin03(z5a WI)May 17, 2005

First of all, I am a newbie gardener so please excuse my basic questions! I planted 3 rosy lights azalea shrubs early last fall. They were mulched well over winter, and I was told they are cold hardy to 35 below. They haven't leafed out or bloomed yet and I'm wondering if something is wrong. I do see what look like intact buds at the branch tips. What can I expect, and how do I care for the shrubs (assuming they made it through the winter? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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mamaschwich(z4 WI)

I am not sure where you are located, or where you bought your rosy lights, but I understand your frustration. Two years ago I bought a mandarin lights and a rosy lights. They lived fine over the summer, but in spring, nothing. Just two little stick shrubs. Many nurseries around here are famous for selling things that aren't really hardy. Good luck!

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LauraBC(z8 BC Cda)

I have two golden lights that took a long time to bud out, so they may be slow, try scratching the stem to see if you have green under the bark, they may be waiting for some warmer weather!

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tadeusz5(z5 il)


Wait for those buds to expand, and pop open with wonderful beautiful light pink and fragrant trusses , then the baby leafs will start to emerge- my Rosy Lights in Orland Park illinois just opened up last week, thus give it another week and you should have them in Badgerland.
enjoy thier fragrance and thier beauty


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kristin03(z5a WI)

Thanks for your replies! I scratched a stem and there is a little green underneath the bark, so I still have some hope. Mamaschwich - I am in the Fox Valley and bought the shrubs from Van de Heys which is pretty reputable around here. I'm sorry about your bad luck, have you tried planting azaleas again?

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sknaumd(z5a IA)

I am convinced the Northern Lights series are not all they cracked up to be. I site my azaleas carefully and amend the soil yet find that Mandarin Lights, Spicy Lights, Golden Lights, and to a lesser extent, Rosy Lights are less vigorous and bud hardy. Northern Lights, White Lights, and Orchid Lights are much more reliable. I wouldn't even buy a Mandarin, Spicy, or Golden anymore. I still try the Rosy Lights. I think it is likely your buds are dead. They should at least be swelling by now. The shrub is probably OK. Prune the dead wood, fertilize heavily with an acid fertilizer and wait for spring 2006.

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Julie_WI(z5A WI)

I am in Green Bay, so not too far from you. I bought two Rosy Lights azaleas in the Fall, and the blooms just opened on one this week, and the other is quite close. I think they just appeared last week.

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kristin03(z5a WI)


Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately my buds are dead - I touch them and they fall apart. Do you have any tips for caring for them (eg, fertilization, winter protection)? I'm not going to give up on them yet. Our soil is very clay and was amended with peat moss, and the shrubs are in a raised planting bed, so they should have pretty good drainage. I am encouraged that they have worked for you, and if you have any pointers I would appreciate it!


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