amorphophallus hewittii

lomodor(6)September 1, 2013

i dont see a posting on just amorph
here goes..
i have some small corms..from seedlings i got last yr..
they have just under 1 inch corms now..
got a nicer sized one earlier this summer..
thats the pic here..
others are dormant currently..
one in pic is 36 inches tall above the pot.. and
petiole is just under 2 inches in diameter..
anyone else growing hewittii..or the other "tropical"
amorphs.. gigas,and descus-salvae..(titanums have couple
forums already) :)

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I got some seeds a couple of years ago, but none germinated.
I haven't had the opportunity to pick any of these up since...
I think you need a bigger green house!

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hey mike.. LOL ya..i think u r right.. :)
luckily majority of my amorphs are konjac,paeonifollius,
out of pot overwintering types..
mmm. for now at least..

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Careful what temps you keep paeoniifolius at while it's dormant. Some people down south (cold for us, but no snow) have lost tubers I gave them during dormancy. Not from wet but from too cold. They're from an equatorial savanna climate, a hot wet season and a hot very dry season.

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