Peace lily is wilting

greydovevetSeptember 30, 2013

Hi all! This plant was a gift to my husband when his mother passed in January. I water it about once a week, filtered or distilled water and keep it out of direct sunlight. It's bloomed a couple times but I'm having a hard time keeping the leaves from wilting. The tips turn brown - not as much as when I switched the water from tap to filtered - but I've need gotten it back to the way it was. I haven't repotted it, it's still the same as when we got it 9 months ago. Any suggestions would be grateful.

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Its possible that the dirt needs to be re-placed if you havent re-potted it since you got it. It may be root bound also. Thats my first thoughts, How easy does it come out of the pot when you try to lift it out? Others may have more thoughts on this for you. Good Luck she's a beauty.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Brown tips indicate salt build up!
You need to leach it really good!

Place it under a tap and run water thru it until it's thoruoghly drenched, then every few hours, flood it!
6 times minimum!
That should flush most of the salts out, peace lilies are really sensitive to it!

I'm not sure where you live, if winters coming I'd wait to to do any repotting, but that will likely help too, if your in Florida or California, leach it good first and then repot.
Likely the leach will be enough, make sure to fertilize it, 1/4 strength, twice a month.
Leach it a few times a year, before repotting, not afte, it washes the nutrients out.
Good luck!

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