Colocasia Gigantea pollination

nonamesleft47September 1, 2010

My little 4" gigantea I bought in April is now an 8 ft monster and has flowered. I'm interested in pollinating the flowers to try to produce seed. Does anybody know how it can be done artificially? On flower 2 of 6 today I rubbed off as much pollen as I could and shook it down into the flower and shook it up. Flower 3 should begin to bloom in a day or two, any other methods I could try? I was thinking maybe try a Q-tip. Also, if I manage to get seed how should I store them? I'd rather not germinate them until spring as overwintering them would be difficult here in Kentucky. Thanks, Ted

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This article by my friend aroid expert Julius Boos explains the entire process. You only have two days when the true flowers are viable. Buy a good small camel hair brush and read this from top to bottom.


Here is a link that might be useful: Aroid pollination

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Thanks so much, very interesting flower. The floral chamber (as noted in the article) is almost completely closed by the time there is pollen on the spadix.

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You can take an eye dropper with sterile water and drip it onto the pollen to cause it to run through the tiny opening at the top of the floral chamber restriction. Some growers use a more effective method where they collect it and make a thick "soup" using sterile water and then drip it into the restriction. Slow work but it does pollinate the plant many times.


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Did you have any luck with your pollinating? I'm interested in trying it this summer. I've read the Julius Boos article.


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