A few of my favorites

bihai(zone 9)September 12, 2006

Philodendron Imbe variegated with Philo Warscewiczi

Syngonium "Confetti" with an unidentified Dieffenbachia

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Hey, fancy meeting you here! Beautiful pictures of beautiful plants, as always, Bihai. You going to the convention? Sure do wish I could go.

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Wow Bihai -- the first picture looks a lot like a cutting I got from a friend. I thought it was Pothos, but now I am wondering it it is actually Warscewiczi!

The leaves are very tiny right now - I'm trying to grow it.

thanks for the pics

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surfbreeze(9 TX)

Bihai -
I have that exact variegated Philodendron Imbe (plant on the upper left in your top image) and wasn't sure how to identify it. It is one of my favorites as well. Would you know the exact name? I found thru a Google Search, an image of Philodendron Imbe Variegata, but the photo I found did not really resemble this plant though perhaps it is Variegata? Thanks in advance.

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bihai(zone 9)

I wish I could, but I can't! I have three of these. All bought/obtained from different sources. All labeled as Philodendron imbe variegata. All slightly different. All seem to be large growers. The leaves on them have gotten 10-12 inches long. All are vigorous climbers.

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surfbreeze(9 TX)

I meant to tell you how very lovely your photos are. They are very beautiful!! I have had that one for quite some time, and it has become quite large and I have it growing in several places now. I found this photo of it that I took a few years ago. I will try to update a more recent photo.
Thank you so much for the reply!

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bihai(zone 9)

Thanks surfbreeze! Your plants are great too! I went out this afternoon after I posted and measured the leaves on mine...I was wrong. Not 10-12 inches. More like 15-16 inches! They are getting really big.

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I got my plant of this probably 20+ years ago and was labelled P. domesticum variegata. Now I see it at Aroid Society booths at botanic garden sales labelled P. ilsemannii. They insist that's correct. I do also see it on the internet as imbe variegata, imbe albo-variegata, etc. I honestly think domesticum varieg is correct. My plants of this in the ground under oaks have leaves over 2 feet long and 12 to 13 inches wide. It's always been one of my favorites, pretty common now among collectors and the general public alike. I don't know how to post a picture here or I would, I'm pretty computer-illiterate.

central Fla

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Forgot to mention, Bihai. I think the plant in the picture with Philo warscewiczii is not a Dieffenbachia,
but is Schismattoglossis calyptrata.

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