A. consanguinea 'Poseidon'

geoforce(z7a SE PA)September 23, 2013

Any ideas why this plant is so dissimilar from others of same and related species?

I really like the radial leaf-form of the sinariseama group and grow 3 clones of consanguine(Poseidon, The Perfect Wave, and one non silver-centered), taiwanense, ciliatum, and concinnum, but 'Poseidon is vastly different from all others.

It is massive compared to the others I grow. Over 4' tall and stem well over 1 1/4 inch diameter.

It consistently puts out 2 leaves every year, one above and one below the flower.

Although the seed cone does not appear to get fertilized, and doesn't ripen, it remains green and persistant on plant through the entire season slowly getting larger.

I am tempted to think it is a triploid or tetraploid form.

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They were a seedling selection by Ellen Hornig, but....genetically...no idea.

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