Amorphs going dormant

nightbloomincereus 7A noVA(7a Northern VA)September 14, 2007

Over the past two years I've been collecting all the different species of amorphophalluses I can get so that the patio out back looks like it should be on the cover of plant delights nursery's amorph section. Summer has been hot and dry so I've watered my little babies copiously, but Lately this part of Virginia has become fall like and the amorphs are reacting in kind. About two weeks ago my thaiensis began to wilt rather alarmingly and the stem went mushy so I put it in the greenhouse and stopped all watering. As it turns out I did the right thing because it has now gone dormant.

I'll post pictures a bit later, but here's what I got. My pot went from being round in spring to being alarmingly ovoid. When I unpotted the plant it had grown a bit. The bulb when I got it this winter and it is now about 3 inches in diameter and looks like a flattened apple. There are five rhizomes, four of which I broke off in cleaning it. Since two of the are as thick as my index finger it is a distinct possibility that they might live.

For now I'm not really interested in trading them, just bragging a bit as a proud papa.

I'm not sure how big the others will get right now, but my momma konjac and my star pup from last year have also made some alarming cosmetic changes to their own pots. Perhaps miracle grow potting soil was the wrong choice? I wanted tropicals not the Pottsylvania Creeper.

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krazyaroider(Hamburg, NY 14075 Zone 6)

I use Promix and supplement with my own fertilizers.
Check out the International Aroid Society website. in the Links section , there is a link to Snow's Amorphophallus guide for beginners - it is an excellent reference...
~ Gerry

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I use Bagged potting soil and to this I add a lot of pearlite to improve the drainage as well as some osmocote.

Earlier in the year when we had a dry spell here near Philadelphia and then it broke with 3 days of non-stop rain and cooler temps I lost my Konjac because the soil did not drain well.

After that experience I have been more careful to ensure excellent drainage, even of it means needing to water more often.

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nightbloomincereus 7A noVA(7a Northern VA)

My point was to poke fun at myself for the exuberant growth of my amorphs. But it doesn't matter really. :-) However I am concerned with the sudden cold snap we are having here. I brought all but a few plants into the greenhouse to protect them in case things should get into the 50's at night (60's are what is predicted).
The aforementioned momma konjac and her baby from my first year growing amorphs are still outside and will remain so till their leaves begin wilting. I completely ran out of greenhouse space and about 1/2 of that is amorphs still in leaf.

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