Azalea - green but not blooming

jessfoster99May 31, 2014

I have a couple of azaleas in our backyard.. Both are growing, look healthy and full of green leaves, but one is not flowering and the other has/had 2 little blooms. I'm a beginner gardener and don't do anything other than making sure it's adequately watered and gave it bone meal in the Spring.
Any advice or suggestions are welcome!

Thank you.

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Rhododendrons and azaleas set flower buds in the late summer/early fall of the year prior to blooming. The number one reason for lack of bloom is inadequate sun. This is more true for azalea types than broad leaved rhododendrons. The second reason is too much nitrogen which encourages vegetative growth at the expense of flowers. Bone meal lacks phosphorous and is not as good as more balanced fertilizers such as HollyTone. Using any fertilizer without the guidance of a soil test is not a good idea.

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