A. Konjac dormancy time starting in N.Y.!

tommyr_gwSeptember 18, 2012

My Konjacs are starting to go to sleep. Leaf stalks flopping over now. Close to digging them up time!

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Same thing here in NE Ohio. It's always exciting to see how well they've done :)

Do you dig them up with they flop or wait until the leaf has dried up?

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were starting to get low 50sF atnite now..
one of my konjac has flopped over..
my 1st yr..so i also would like your advice
tommyr .. do ya wait for the leaf to dry some..?
im anxious to see how the corms have done this season..
yea.. christmas.. LOL :)

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If it has flopped over cut it at soil level or slightly above (not critical) and place it somewhere where it won't get wet. Take the plant out of the pot/container and carefully tease the soil away from the corm. You SHOULD find some baby corms during the process. Let the corm/roots dry a few days then the roots will pull off easily. Clean off the dirt then stick in a cool, dry place indoors for the winter! On a shelf or the floor near a window.

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Dug out my biggest yesterday. 8 1/2 pounder.

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eclayne(Z6a, MA)

I don't know if size of tuber matters but last year I received a bunch of small tubers. By mid October they had not flopped over but I lifted with other tenders. Several of the tubers showed some rot. We had a cold wet fall and a light frost prior to lifting. I removed rot and all survived. This year I lifted this week prior to frost to play safe.

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Add MORE perlite to your mix next season. This improves drainage. Which may be your problem.

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tommy..there are some serious roots on that babi!!! :)
i agree with using alot of perlite. i used 7 big 4 cf
bags this last summer..
were getting cooler weather now..nites are going to
get into the 40s this weekend..
im anxious to see how big my biggest corms (last yrs) did
this just past growing season..

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