Grubs & Rhodies?

krazy_karma(z8a WA)May 23, 2010

We have quite a few moles on our property, and I know they're attracted to grubs. Our dog is a mole killer. He digs where they are & kills them. Well, today he dug up a Rhodie (planted last year) in the process. I'll try to save the plant, but I want to plant more along the fence where the other Rhodies are.

I'm not afraid to use chemicals, although I do so sparingly. Is there something I can use around my bushes to get rid of the grubs without harming the bushes?

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

No, nothing you can use that is going to help. Grubs are an uncommon problem in NW soils, they aren't attracting moles.

Moles love earthworms (and you don't want me to describe to you how I know this first hand) and you don't want to reduce the numbers of those, too beneficial to keeping our soils healthy.

The dog has the right idea, if not pursuing it a little too roughly. You need to reduce the mole population not their food source, or find a way to restrain your pet from your shrub beds.

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