Alocasia/Colocasia ID Needed

MimiGoldSeptember 18, 2012

Our local hardware store has a wonderful nursery with so many kinds of plants. Recently while I was looking around the many varieties of Colocasia and Alocasia, I asked the employee what the Alocasia/Colocasia was called that was beside the pond. (See Picture) She said she didn't know what they were called. Then she told me she has to clean up around the pond, which meant removing some of the pups from the mother plant, and asked me if I wanted one of them. Of course, I wasn't gonna say no! So, she cut one off for me and I brought it home and put it in a pot. Now I know they can get pretty big as they were about 4-5 feet tall around the pond and they are in filtered shade almost the whole day, with maybe and hour of morning sun. I just wanted to know if it was an Alocasia or Colocasia and what the name of it was. I am hoping someone here will be able to help me identify this plant so I can find out if it is hardy in my zone or not.


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Here is a picture of the pup she gave to me.

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rickinla(8B SW AL)

Black Stemmed Taro

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Mimi, you wouldn't happen to be in Hartsville, SC, would you? Those Colocasias look very familiar, as does the pond and the fence, like the one at ACE Hardware in Hartsville. These plants will be annuals if left outside in Zone 8b; they will die back in winter but the tubers will still be alive underground and will quickly put on new growth in spring, rapidly growing throughout the warm months until the first killing frost. I'd put a young one like this inside, though, during its first winter at least. I recently got a Colocasia at the Lowe's on David McLeod Blvd. in Florence, SC, that's supposed to be a "Black Coral", though it looks more like "Black Magic", and I plan to keep it indoors during this winter even though it's a pretty decent-sized plant in a 12-inch pot.

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It is a colocasia fontanesii black stem. they can get very large. larger than the picture near the pond. I have had mine over 8 feet.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Definatly fontanenii, a great EE, u will have dozens in no time, should be totally hardy there, keep the runners cleane doff or they will take over... ;P

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