Hot chocolate calla lily problems

roflol(Z6 MO)September 27, 2006

Bought 3 pots of "hot chocolate" calla lily from big box store drastically reduced; at that time, about half the leaves were snotty/slimy but half were looking nice. Since then have lost nearly all leaves, but it's been chill in the evenings here down into the 50s. I've never had callas before, unsure what was normal and what is disease.

There is new growth in some places but all eventually gets slimy and falls off. Due to rain and my watering habits the pot never completely gets dry. I had plunked one whole pot (several plants) in a larger pot with more potting soil without prying the original apart to see what the base was made of, and today I finally did. There had been probably 7 or so bulb-y items; of those, 4 were very mushy and foul-smelling on my prying, and seemed quite dead so I pitched them. Of the remaining 3, 2 had slightly mushy spots but some new growth and plenty of roots and 1 had no apparent mush so I have put those 3 back in the pot and brought it inside (in case slugs have been visiting, as I do see trails) - this pot I have not watered yet.

Sooooo, any suggestions, ideas what I am dealing with, and what the chances are that any good will come of the remaining 3 bulbs? Should I put the pot in the basement and let it dry out and overwinter, or will doing that with roots on it kill it so better bet be water it and try to overwinter as a houseplant?

Thanks in advance.

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Nancy zone 6

If you want to overwinter calla bulbs/tubers/rhizomes/whatever the heck you call those shapeless blobs, I have done so quite easily just putting them in a paper sack in a cool spot for the winter. I understand they will do quite well as a house plant, but any bulb you have to be careful not to overwater & I have difficulties with that. I would just store the bulb & plant them next spring, I find callas pretty easy. Since yours are potted, you probably can store as they are. Mine do best in the ground, but as I have said, I have difficulties with potted plants, I either overwater, or don't water enough. I may have bought the same callas you did, & had the same problem. The store I bought from really waters their plants well, too well in this case cause I lost some bulbs too. you should be fine if you don't overwater.
Good Luck!

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I have calla lilly bulbs that I dug up, they are white globby things with the roots coming out of them, the greenery was already dead for the winter, so I removed it and washed them. Right now I have them in a cool (60 degree) corner in an open plastic bag.

How can I force them inside, and how can I tell if they're still viable? I'm so new at this, I don't know if I'm doing anything right!

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