A. Titanum

klavier(Z7 Baltimore)September 14, 2005

Anybody know of anyone who is selling amorphophallus titanum seeds or seedlings that is willing to take cash and is not charging an arm and a leg? I am trying to aquire one for the greenhouse here at Binghamton U. If not, I could trade, but I doubt I have anything that someone might want for a titanum seed/seedling, but I could try. Name requests. When they divide something at the green house and they don't want any more divisions of it, they toss it or give it away. They don't want to do trading themselves, because they are afriad of introducing pests to the green house, but they were willing to take my amorphs (dumb decision, now I have very little stock to work with). They grow very well in the green house though. I would rather the plants do well in the green house and not really be mine anymore, than in the dorm room and dying ( I have a north facing room with two large oaks in front of the window, I need to turn the light on during the day to see. I can't put plants outside because they disappear or get tossed around by some drunk)

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Hawii50 on this forum as some small seedlings.....

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hawaii50(z10 HI)

I have a few A. titanum seedlings, and I would be glad to donate one of them to Binghamton U. since that would enable many people to enjoy the plant. However, I think the best way to ship it would be to wait until it goes dormant and to send the tuber. If that is acceptable to you, please have Binghamton U. send me a letter requesting the tuber (email me for my mailing address), with assurance that the plant will be cared for.

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klavier(Z7 Baltimore)

Sounds great, I will talk to the director. And show him the post. Will get back to you.

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Jungle Paradise Orchids had them for $40.....I think that is about as cheap as you can expect. Honestly, if the director is willing to spend $50 they can get 5 seed and they are trivial to germinate and then he will have a whole titanum colony :o) Dan

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