runners on an alocasia...

woollady(z8 CA)September 30, 2013

hi,this is my first time here.i was given a green alocasia has large elephant shaped leaves.i don't know the name of is growing in a 12" plastic is about 3' tall.and doing i've noticed it is putting out all these green runners everywhere.what exactly are they,what do they do>right now i've just wound them around in the pot,till i get some help.since my plant is in a pot,do i need to keep these or can i cut them off?thank you for any help.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Sounds more like a colocasia!

Those runners will make pups!

You can keep winding them round the pot or let em ramble, I poke em thru the bottom of a pot and add soil, wait 2 weeks, snap it off and give its own pot!

If you'd like to post a pic, that would be fun, we like pics!

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woollady(z8 CA)

thank you grabme,for your reply.thanks for giving me the correct name too for the plant.i will do as yu suggest.there are a lot of runners coming out now!

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