weston azalea

treeskate(6a Hartford CT)June 7, 2006

My landscape man planted 3 Weston Innocense (White Decid. Azalea) in my new front yard garden bed in early April. My house sits directly nsew and this is on the north side. The area does get sun, especially summer late afternoon. The plants are about 15 feet from the body of the house.

I'm concerned that they will burn in the heat. Ironically, I thought the buds had been winter killed as the leaves were already growing up past the buds. But yesterday (and this is early June!) I saw seveal buds starting to flower!! Yeah!!

I realize this has been a wet cool May and when I reseached online I did find this particular azalea is a late bloomer.

Has anyone planted this particular azalea? Do you think I will lose it based on its location?

Thanks for any imput!

treeskate, West Hartford CT

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

The ARS lists Weston's Innocence. It is a cross of arborescens and viscosum. It is extremely hardy. It should be OK. I have a similar plant, Weston's Lemondrop in full sun and it is doing well. They are not drought tolerant. Mine struggled last summer when we had a bad drought. I had to keep it from getting too dry.
Yours may have struggled initially when it was first planted because it may have come out of a greenhouse. If it was a field grown plant, then it should be OK.

They need some sun to set next year flowers. They will be set this summer. Yours should be OK since it gets afternoon sun during this period.

Here is a link that might be useful: Weston's Innocence

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triciae(Zone 7 Coastal SE CT)

I've grown 'Weston's Innocence' in Manchester, NH (Z 5b)for 5-7 years. It was in our back gardens growing in dappled deciduous shade. The plant covered itself with flowers mid-to late June. It was fairly drought tolerent for us but did tend to suffer from powdery mildew in July/August...but never to the point of detracting substantially from the shrub. All-in-all, and after growing about a dozen of Weston's azaleas...I like them. My favorites are 'Parade' & 'Pennsylvania'.

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