Amorphophallus Konjac or 'Snake Lily'

mslokiOctober 19, 2008


I was at the flea market when i bought my first "Amorphophallus Konjac" or "Snake Lily", "Voodoo lily". So naturally im surfing the net for info on care and what not. you know, step by step Basic instructions on what to do, what to expect. All with pictures and such.

it's surprisingly hard to come by. I kept searching under different names but the most luck I've had was looking for it under "Snake Lily" and FINALLY i got a picture that resembled mine.

i think the guy i bought it from said he just planted it cause its soo small. he had another, expensive one there abotu 3ft tall. mines about 7 inches from base at soil to leaf tip.

the guy said something like, when it blooms it comes out looking like I qoute, " when the flower blooms it comes out lookign like a large human brain in a beautiful bed of lettuce..." so i was naturally curious. and he also said that when you let it grow and get bigger then cut off the stalk then let it grow again then the bulb will get bigger. I'm no expert. i love growing plants. but that doesnt soudn right to me. eventully itll get bigger over time. not by continusly cutting it off. but like i said, im no expert.

so now as im looking for this plant im comign across more forums only askign one thing but there is more then one opinion on how they should be grown. one person says " It needs lots of shade." while the other says " It needs full sunlight." someone said it wont grow in Fl, ( i live in s.w. fl) and someone else said he's been growing them down here for years.

I'm finding random facts about Why its called Snake lily and Voodoo lily but im not finding out how i should take care of it. or at the very least a 'How' that everyone agrees with. i just see alot of difference of opinions.

im sure you get the point.

So I'm just curious on WHO i should talk to or what book i should look at, that would contain constant accurate information. as in Proper lighting, watering, soil preference, temp, what to do in the winter/summer, what to expect; should it leaf or bloom?, what to do with bulb or plant rot, is it poisionus to animals?, so on and so forth.

right now i have it outside my bedroom window. where its in the shade till around 1 or 2pm till sunset. I havent watered it yet cause the soil still seems moist from i guess when the guy watered it last (he said it needed very little water). its pretty hot in the summer here but its been cooling off recently. the nights are prolly around 80 degrees and daytime is probably late 80s early 90s.

so yeah, you get the jist of it.

Thanks for the Help! ^-^


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If you go to my member page you can find my photobucket album.
Look in the OCT album for pics.
Info best at
and IAS has a website too.
Yahoo has an amorph group too

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Beautiful Garden! astoundingly beautiful!

but I couldn't find the pics you mentioned.
also the snow exotic link didn't work.

Thanks for teh reply though!

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also is the bulb round or kind've long?

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