Fertilize following a pruning?

stevecapecod(6a-6b (cape cod))June 9, 2014

I just did what could be described as a severe pruning of our three large rhodies. Should I fertilize (with Hollytone or something similar) now to encourage new growth? Thanks in advance.

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Probably not necessary, especially for large plants. A soil test is really the only way to know for sure if fertilizer is needed. Well-established rhododendrons, especially if kept mulched, usually don't need any unless they're showing symptoms of decline such as reduced bloom, paler foliage, etc.

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stevecapecod(6a-6b (cape cod))

None of that; no symptoms of decline, and this flowering season was the best ever. I've never done anything for these rhodies, yet they thrive. Lucky, I guess. Thanks for your response.

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