Abundant Alocasias and Copious Colocasias

grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)October 23, 2012

I posted in the plant EX but havent gotten the responses i really want, cuz i want some new amorphs really, I would settle for most any bulb producing aroid I dont have.

What i have to offer is

*Abundant Alocasias*

*california* dwarf green leaf EE to 3 feet tall-I can pop starts off them at any time

*odora* i have a few ready to chop the leaves off, unpot and ship

*frydek* about 12 good quarter sized bulbils available, the rest ill keep. What ever hasnt been traded for in about a week will be plated for next year.

*Copious Colocasias*

*Violet stem* aslo now being sold as proven selections *Heart of the Jungle* Gets big if planted out, to 8 ft nice velvety green leaf, dark purple stem, VIGOROUS, even invasive if left unchecked in tropical areas, it produces runners to 8 feet, blooms regularly

*lots of these available*

Thanks for lookin

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I'll have to come take a look at them in the spring. might trade you somthing. you asked in the other thread how many plants I have..here just the colocasia I'm growing and theres a few more on order. like pokemon got to collect em all

Lemon Lime Gecko
Red Eye Gecko
Diamonds Head
Black Coral
Blue Hawaiian
Green ruffles
Black Ruffles
Black Magic mini
Coffee cups
Thai Giant
Black stem
Pinapple princess

most I have doubles or more than one bulb some I have a few hundred just depends on how long Ive been growing that species.
The list gets alot longer when you add the bananas,cannas,gingers,alocasia and other random tropicals

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Not ignoring this, but all I have is Colocasia esculenta...

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The only Alocasias I seem to be able to do any good with are the "Jewels", like reginula, melo, "Poly", cuphrea (?), etc., or some of those that grow in water or semi-immersed, like cucullata. The others get their tubers eaten away by something that I've never been able to identify. I suspect a fungus or bacterium.

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there are a few of the "jewels" that I want to try but there rare and expencive

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Which Jewels are those?

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