Can I divide a rhodie?

dainaadeleJune 12, 2006

Is this possible? Got one, need two, none left to buy. The one I got has three "trunks" coming up out of the pot. It was not an expensive purchase, so part of me figures if they die it's okay, but if it is simply not possible to divide, I would rather know this than even try. Any imput would be appreciated. -Daina.

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

No, it will die. It is like a tree. If you split a tree it will die. Infection gets in where the wood is exposed and causes death.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Rhododendrons

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The only way I've been able to get another rhodie from one rhodie is when a branch roots (ie. layers - branch roots while *still* attached to main plant)in the soil. My Ramapo does this a lot. I can just cut off the rooted branches, and replant. Of course, you can try cuttings, as well.

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Couple of years ago, I bought some azaleas
grown in quart size pots. I noticed that there
were 2 stems per pot. The plants were badly
pot bounded so I decided to divide the plants
since they needed some major surgery anyways.
The plants survived and did well. However,
when I try the same surgery on larger (1 gallon)
size plant, it usually doesn't work. Recently,
I planted some rhododendrons. The very last
one I planted was pot bounded and had 2 stems.
I cut the plant in half. It was the last rhodie
I was planting for the night and it was getting
dark fast. I wanted to get it done because we
had couple of raining days forecasted. Working
very fast, half of the plant got most of the roots.
The weather forecast was very wrong. We had hot,
sunny weather for the next few days. The smaller
plant was in a rather sunny location, and it perished
despite constant misting. Looking back,
I wish I had put the
smaller one in a pot in very shady location (maybe
even a plastic bag around it) to help the plant

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Like to add that the ones I divided were actually
two plants. I think they were grown 2 stem
cuttings per pot. You can't divide rhododendron if
it was actually one plant like others have noted.

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