Reddish Brown Rhodo Leaves

MFIXJune 29, 2012

Hey all,

I have a couple of Rhodos along the eastern side of my home, and they recently started turning reddish brown on several leaves each (more red than brown). I have some lamium in the same bed, as well as bugleweed as ground covers, and no other plants. I read that rhodos/azaleas do not like competition from groundcovers (ie pachysandra, myrtle, etc) does anyone think this is the case? An important note is that these were transplanted in early spring from another location, not on my property. I pruned them back to encourage them to develop, and fertilized with hollytone. They did get a nice amount of green growth, following their transplanting. Hope this note helps. Thank you!

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

Old leaves turning red is normal.

Yes, rhododendrons do not like competition since they have very shallow roots. Any cultivation or ground cover can set them back. Rhododendron roots are so shallow that I have seen them come up into the mulch if the mulch is too deep.

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